In The Moment

"An appealing, effortless erotic tale geared toward contemporary women." — KIRKUS REVIEWS

For 39-year-old Sam Davis, career, independence and control have always defined her. Relationships have never been a priority, much less even on her radar. Not only has there never been enough time, but she’s just never found the right man: someone strong enough not to be threatened by her success as well as a man whose own strength could allow her to give up some of her innate control. Between owning a successful Los Angeles entertainment ad agency and being the alpha-dog to her two pit bulls at home, Sam’s used to calling the shots. Always. But when she pitches for, and wins The Network account, its charismatic French founder, Laurent Román makes Sam question everything she’s ever known.

At Laurent’s insistence, he and Sam meet daily for the better part of a month. He has a network to launch and the stakes, pacing and intensity couldn’t be higher. Working this closely with the flirty Frenchman, they can’t help but get to know each other better, each day, her resolve waning and the lines blurring making it harder and harder for Sam to fight her attraction and his overtures. But it isn’t until they travel together that their relationship finally crosses the line. Sam had already witnessed Laurent’s domineering tendencies, but now she realizes how truly dominating he is. He pushes her beyond her comfort zone, making her simultaneously question and crave the things he does to her. Much as Sam knows she shouldn’t be sleeping with him, he makes her feel things she’s never before felt. But as their passion grows, so too do Sam’s fears that she’s risking her reputation and perhaps her entire career.

Moments Lost And Found

Picking up where IN THE MOMENT left off, the adventure with Sam and Laurent continues in Paris. Like most everything with Laurent so far, Sam experiences more emotions and sensations than ever before. The highs are so high, but the lows are perilously low. For someone who had always charted her own path, Sam finds that this new course with Laurent is both exhilarating and terrifying, the scariest part being that her entire life starts to revolve around him. He’s not just her boyfriend, but her biggest client, too. As Sam tries to balance the two, one thing becomes clear: in order to protect her career, she must diversify. She simply can’t have all her eggs in the Laurent Román basket.

But Laurent is a successful man with a past, and with that comes enemies. It isn’t until it’s too late that Sam learns the new account she just landed will force her to choose between career and love.

Broken Rules

As the song goes, there are lots of pretty, pretty boys in Los Angeles. And at 37, entertainment photographer Alex Marché has shot most of them. She’s dealt with divas and dicks, but no matter the attitude, she still makes everyone look amazing, though she knows better than most just how ugly the beautiful people can really be. So when it comes to celebrities, Alex has one rule: never date an actor. Ever. Especially not a 29-year old former model, and Hollywood’s new It Guy, Marco Flores.

But after their first shoot together, Marco personally requests Alex for his next one, taking them to his home on the Galapagos Islands. Now, saying no to this charming Adonis becomes virtually impossible the more he convinces her both in words and deeds that he’s not like other actors. Still, as their relationship grows, so too do the challenges that are unique to dating an actor, reminding Alex that some rules aren’t meant to be broken. 

Jennifer's Surrender

"Makes Christian Grey look like a Boy Scout." — Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

At 36, and a copywriter by trade, Jennifer Moore knew the power of words. Ironically, they were words of fiction that introduced her to the lifestyle. And one simple word that kept her there: Master. 

It all started out so innocently, reading an idealized romance about the lifestyle. But like an innocent’s first time with heroin, Jen was instantly hooked. One book turned into many, each one more hardcore than the last. And the more she read, the more she became obsessed with BDSM. As someone who made her living in advertising, she, of all people, should have known better than to believe what she read. But she wanted to believe, fantasizing that life could indeed imitate art.

And it all would have stayed a fantasy if her idea of Surrender didn’t fit so perfectly for her newest client, Stephen London, owner of Tutto, a high-end resort, and an experienced Dom. He knew the idea was perfect. Both for his resort, and for Jennifer.

Jen goes willingly, turning her trust, and quickly her life, over to Stephen. It’s not just the things he does to her body. It’s the way he manipulates her mind, breaking her bit by bit, that leaves Jen wondering how much deeper she’ll go, and if too much will ever be enough for him.

Better Than None

“Is half a loaf better than none?” From an early age, Stephanie Lawson knew the answer to her mother Barbara’s rhetorical relationship question. As close as they were, Steph never wanted to be like Barb when it came to men: someone so desperate that she routinely settled for crumbs. So Steph built walls long before she truly understood why and thought she was protecting herself by using sex as a weapon. But by 37, she realized that her own self-destructive behavior wasn’t protecting her at all. All it did was prevent her from ever getting close to anyone.

Ready to remake herself with a new job, the challenge isn’t the work, but rather creating her new identity and trying to be the person she wants to be. Unlearning everything she ever knew is difficult, but it doesn’t compare to the news that her mother and best friend has cancer.

The diagnosis creates a new reality for both Steph and Barb. Their quality time goes from shopping and errands to a gut-wrenching maze of procedures, hospitalizations and suffering. Like with anything else, they tackle it the only way they know how: together.

The disease not only gives Steph perspective, it also introduces her to her mother’s prick of an oncologist, Dr. Brad Rosenberg. Perhaps because she recognizes a broken soul when she sees one, Steph begins to slowly let Brad in. Their budding relationship isn’t without hurdles, but dealing with Barb’s illness accelerates the changes in Steph’s own life. If only it didn’t take losing her mother to start finding herself.