Not for the faint of heart


After releasing my books, I started the self-promotion, beginning with my friends and family. Step one, check. All going according to plan… until one of my closest friends told me that her mother was reading In The Moment. The good news: her mom was hooked! The bad news: her 70-something year old mother is someone I’ve known since I was 13, and this same woman was reading erotica that I’d written. As if that weren’t embarrassing enough, apparently her father, who’s in his 80s, read it too, or, more accurately, skipped ahead. I’m not sure if he skipped to avoid the steamy parts or to get to them quicker. Either way, another valuable lesson in this writer’s journey: Realize, and to a certain extent, hope that, my books end up in unintended hands. But could they please be strangers’ hands? 

So, while some of the scenes in my books might not be for the faint of heart, neither is the exposure. Guess I’m going to have to pull out my big girl panties and toughen up. It’s a brave new world out there (for me).

My mom has always teased me that I’m so tough on the outside, but a marshmallow on the inside. I cry at sappy TV commercials or silly love songs. But I have a tough exterior that belies what my friends and family know. So I guess this dichotomy of being so comfortable writing steamy sex scenes on the one hand, and cringing at the thought of owning up to them on the other, is all part of my DNA. I’m sure my mom would tell me that it makes me more interesting. I’m also pretty sure that only she’d think that… being my mother and all. And yes, now she’s reading my books, too. (Cringe.)