Writing and blogging and marketing. Oh my.


When I first shared that I had started writing erotic romances, there were a variety of responses from my friends and family. Most were overwhelmingly positive and supportive. A few were, and still are, in disbelief. But by and large, they were all impressed and proud that I have now self-published all four books.

I’ve since learned that the writing is by far the easy part. The marketing is definitely the bigger challenge. Even after having read all the sites with all the tips and tricks and suggestions, much of the self-promotion is overwhelming. I realize I’m definitely not the first writer who’d prefer to stay in her fantasy world of make-believe characters and happy endings rather than put herself out there into the real(ish) world of the internet.

Ironic that in my other life, marketing is my job. But one more thing I’ve learned on this journey that it’s a lot easier, at least for me, to market someone else’s fantasy rather than my own reality. Much, much easier.

So, thank you to those who have been patient with me during this adventure. To my new friends who have started reading my books and don’t know how private I am, this is my first foray into social media. Yes, really and truly my first.  

Answers to a few questions: I pulled down the previous post as I’m submitting it to a few outlets. Simple, right? Apparently, when I pulled it down, I disabled the ‘contact me’ feature on this site and only just learned from a friend that no one could actually use that page until yesterday. Again, newbie here. First website. So my apologies if getting in touch with me hasn’t been easy.

Also, right now In The Moment is the only book of the four that’s available anywhere other than Amazon, and I’m still waiting for all of Smashwords’ distribution channels to receive it. The other three books are part of the KDP Select program, so they’re exclusive to Amazon until mid-December. Then I’ll release them via Smashwords as well.

Thank you again for your interest and support.