Surrender Isn't Sweet

Many of you have commented on the dramatic shift in tone, story line and characters between The Moments series and Broken Rules, and with Jennifer’s Surrender. A few have expressed surprise as to just how dark Jennifer’s Surrender is. It’s still a romance, but it takes a very different journey than the other three books.

When I wrote it, I intentionally tried to do something different. A different voice: this one is first person. A different tone: like I said, it’s dark. One reviewer called it ‘haunting’. A different type of main character: Jennifer isn’t nearly as strong as Samantha or Alexandra. And a different message: with so much BDSM literature out there, I wanted to write a cautionary tale.

It was a challenge for me to see if I could do it, and equally important, to see if readers would like it. I hope that you do and would love to hear from you.